"The hot lesbian junkie. How’s that for a prison cliché."

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daily reminder to click a button so you can give free food to a shelter!!


if every one of my followers did this, we could give more than 85 meals to less-fortunate animals. for free.

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im sitting here crying cause i just found this dog who was born blind and his previous owners just left him in their house when they moved out and abandoned him and he’s the cutest and most sweetest thing ever and he has been in the rescue for 3 years and no one has ever offered to give him a home and i just want to give him a home so bad it hurts


i’m so ready for it to be august so everyone can go back to school and i can have the parks to my fucking self again

//////i want to date you//////

y’alllllll i get to go to the beach with assckles next weeeekkk i aM SO EXCITED

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